This app (free at the App Store) lets your ego take a break. Here’s how: every now and then send a selflessie® instead of a selfie; instead of Facebook, take a real book in your hands. Give your “self” a break or do something good for others. selflessie® comes from selfless. On the Internet, the EGO is in the foreground. At least once a day you should not think about yourself first – you could even think about others. It could be just a greeting, it could be more: you could actively help someone or make a donation to a non-profit organization or even do some voluntary work. selflessie® is not a call to stop making selfies. The point is to use social networks differently – by putting your ego in the background.

This app is food for thought, for fun and also wants to apply for social responsibility. So far only companies claim for this issue, but it is time to change thinking so that everybody contributes his little input and motivates others to also do so. This is what selflessie® also stands for.


„Ein Korsett zur Verhinderung der digitalen Masturbation, sog. selfies, ist noch nicht gefunden. Nun gibt es aber die Möglichkeit des egoismus interruptus.“

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Demofilm. How to use selflessie:


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