Installation Grasnarben

The installation Grasnarben (click here for more information) is for sale.
It includes the implantation of the books on earth, growth of the grass over the burned books and the leftover frame of the burned book booth.
Plus information stele about the art project and what is buried under the grass.
A very reserved installation or memorial, because after a short time one sees only a grassland and a frame.
Dimension: 3×6 meter plus stele – outdoor installation but also very impressive as an indoor installation, for example in a foyer.
Social dimension: Huge.
Price upon request.

Installation Grasnarben outdoor
Installation Grasnarben indoor (Video- and audio-installation not shown in this pic. Click here to see video/audio-installation.)
Stele with all informations about the project. Plus a button to replay the video- and audio-installation of Grasnarben.