doors Some doors from the art project THIS IS NOT THE END MY FRIEND are still available.


Finanzdecken Finanzdecken, 17-19 gebrauchte Zeitungsteile, genäht, schwarzer Garn, Zickzacknaht, ca. 110x160cm FINANZDECKE GINNHEIM, Juli 2009, 111 x 160 cm, 19 gebrauchte Zeitungsteile, vernäht, schwarzer Faden, Zickzacknaht FINANZDECKE SACHSENHAUSEN, Juni 2009, 112 x 155 cm, 18 gebrauchte Zeitungsteile, 1… Read More

Ganz unten

Canalised emotions The „Performance box for sorrow and shame“ was an art project carried out in the sewers of Frankfurt. Just like the sewers run deep under the city, some emotions hide deep beneath the surface. Also the… Read More

signetic engineering

prohibition signs to forbidden prices (on request).